Daniel Huxtable

Represents: BKC Wales

Fight Name/Alias: Dan Hux
DOB: 03/11/1996
Height: 170cm
Weight: -57kg
Discipline: Point Fighter
Grade: 2nd Degree Black Belt
Home Town: Swansea, Wales

Competition Record:

2 x World Champion 2 x World Silver Medalist
3 x World Bronze Medalist 1 x Silver Medal European Championships
1 x 5 Nations Champion 1 x BKC National Championships Silver Medallist
1 x ECKA National Champion 6 x Welsh Grand Champion

Titles and Qualifications:
2nd Degree Black Belt (Kickboxing), Child Protection Certificate, WFKA Level 2 Cadet Coach, Weapons co-coordinator, Assistant Coach – Generation Kickboxing

Greatest Achievements:
Winning the World Championships twice, Coaching one of my fighters to win the world championships, Winning Swansea Active Sports Personality Of The Year (Junior Male)

We Want To Know:


How long have you been in Kickboxing?
11 years since – I was 6 years old!

What is it you love about the sport?
I love the competitive nature on the mats, mixed with the team spirit off the mats. I enjoy travelling around the world for competitions. I love facilitating and encouraging others to improve their fighting and continually building up their skills.

What are your proudest moments within the sport?
Winning the World Championships 2 months after being out with an ankle injury for six months.
As well as my own achievements, I coached one of our students in her World Championship final to Gold, and another who got a Silver. It was great seeing those I helped train as beginners achieving such a high standard.

What are you hoping to achieve as a BKC Ambassador?
I want to raise the profile of Kickboxing in Wales, as there are many more people out there who would benefit from such a great sport. I want to encourage young people and teenagers to get active and do something productive with their time. Self-defence is really important and I want to increase knowledge of this around Wales.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank for your success so far?
Without meaning to sound like I’m giving an Oscar speech, my family have been a great support. My father has been a great coach, tweaking my performance after each fight. Our club has been brilliant, the adult fighters have made the transition from junior fights to junior men/adults easier on me.

Not too easy, we hope! What does the future hold for you?
Continued improvement both personally and as an instructor. I definitely want to add some more titles to my collection, especially when I return to my peak fitness after this injury.

What does the future hold for the sport, in your opinion?
I really think with everything moving forward, Sports Council recognition will be achieved before long. This will open so many more doors for Kickboxing, possibly even more high profile games like the Commonwealth or the Olympics. With good instructors and the Ambassador scheme, I hope that Kickboxing will continue to grow and attract more people and families to the sport.

Anything else you would like to add?
It’s a real privilege to take on a role as a BKC Ambassador for Wales. I hope that it is sooner rather than later that Kickboxing gets the sporting recognition it deserves.